Jig Away The Donkey


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Jig Away The Donkey 


  • Lanigan’s Ball / Madam I’d love to Be Tossing Your Hay (Jigs)
  • The Cottage in the Grove / The Dandy Reel / Over the Bridge to Beeta (Reels)
  • Bold Doherty (Song)
  • The Maid that Dare Not Tell It / Jemmy Duffy’s/ Some Say the Devil Is Dead (Highlands)
  • Jackson’s Rum Punch / Tip Into Bed Honey (Jigs)
  • Farewell Dear Erin (Song)
  • My Mind Will Never Be Easy / The Piper’s Maggot / The Whinny Hills of Leitrim (Slip Jigs)
  • The Maids of Mullagh / The Mohill Reel (Reels)
  • Bonny Wee Charlie (Song)
  • The Flowing Tide / The Man From Newry / The Boys of Blue Hill (Hornpipes)
  • The Boys of 25 / Mick’s Jig Away the Donkey / O’Connell’s (Reels)
  • The Holland Handkerchief (Song)
  • Traynor’s Rambles / The Rock Reel / Eddie’s Jig Away the Donkey (Reels)

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