110 Irelands Best- Fiddle Tunes- No Cd


110 of the best tunes in any fiddlers repertoire, specially chosen and arranged by one of Irelamds top players and teachers. Includes a special feature rolls, cuts, triplets and other ornamentation.

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110 of the most popular and enduring session tunes in Ireland and around the world. Join in wherever you go with this session-friendly collection of jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slides, airs and more. Suitable for all melody instruments. Volume 1 includes: A Day at the Races * Sorry to Part * The Mooncom Jig * Paddy’s Return * Phil’s Jig * The Thrush on the Strand * The Blackhaired Lass * The Brosna Slide * The Castleisland Polka * The Wedding Polka * Flaherty’s * The Golden Eagle * The Poppy Leaf * The Sunny Banks (The Blackbird) * Bonnie Kate * The Concertina * The Earl’s Chair * Geehan’s Frolics * Maeve’s Return * The Morning Dew * The Roscommon Reel * Toss the Feathers * and more.

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