Gatehouse- Heather Down The Moor


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Gatehouse- Heather Down The Moor


  • On The Edge
    Blue Island
    The Crooked Wood
  • The Death Of Queen Jane
  • The Gypsy Princess
    Jim Keeffe’s
    Din Tarrant’s
  • Seán Bán
  • Jack Rowe’s
  • As I Roved Out
  • Monasteraden Fancy
    Gan Ainm
    The Primrose Lasses
  • Heather Down The Moor
  • Kitty Got A Clinking Coming From The Fair
    Pat Ward’s
  • Mo Cheallaichín Fionn
  • Patrick Kelly’s
  • The Cocks Are Crowing
  • The Harvest Knot
    The Healing Stone

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