Denis Liddy & Elvie Miller – Tradaree


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Denis Liddy And Elvie Miller- Tradaree


  • Saint Ruth’s Bush
    The Heights Of Muingbháithe
    The Cornboy
  • Paddy Canny’s
    Jack Casey’s
  • ’Se An Baile Seo Toghadh Na Droch Aite
  • Miss Rochelle Rudolph’s
    The Humours Of Moanfin
  • Kitty’s Rambles
    The Old Favourite
    The Humours Of Miltown
  • The Northern Road To Tralee
  • The Fiddler’s Contest
    Captain John’s
  • The Thatched Cabin
    The Temple House
  • The Wounded Hussar
    Paddy Stack’s
  • The Scholar
    Dick Gossip’s
    Duffy The Dancer
  • Elvie’s
  • The Wedding Ring
    Bubbling Wine
    The Swallow’s Nest
  • The Red Haired Girl
    Mrs O’Brien’s
    The Rocky Road To Dublin
  • The Wild Geese
  • Bríd Harper’s
    The Peeler’s Jacket
    Music In The Glen

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