Angela Deane – Cuisle



Angela Deane – Cuisle


  • Poll An Madra Uisce /Devaney’s Goat /The New Policeman 
  • Sliabh Russell /Widow Brady /The Green Fields Of America 
  • The Trip To Birmingham /Roscommon 
  • The Liverpool /The Groves Of Slaney 
  • Geoghan’s /McDonagh’s /The Graf Spee 
  • Paddy O’Snap /Fig For A Kiss 
  • Gorman’s /Richie Dwyer’s 
  • Cailin Deas Cruite Na Mbo 
  • The Bucks Of Oranmore /The Wind That Shakes The Barley 
  • Frieze Britches /John McGrath’s 
  • Paddy Mills’ Fancy /Cuir Na Caille 
  • The Smokey Chimney /Miss Galvin’s 
  • Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie /Tie The Bonnet 
  • Na Ceannabhain Bhana /Jim Ward’s 
  • The Old Road To Garry 
  • Devine’s /The Blarney Pilgrim 
  • The Jolly Tinker /The New Mown Meadow 

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