Ceol Agus Cantan – B Sherlock & T Ryan


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Ceol Agus Cantan as Dumha’ Chaisil – Batty Sherlock & Thomas Ryan


The CD recording presents a cross-section of their large repertoire of tunes and songs, while in the accompanying book each man draws in his own musical memories and local lore.  Since both are from the same neighborhood, naturally on occasion, their stories and recollections overlap to some extent. However, each man’s individual recall varies considerably and quite often they draw on different strands of heritage and lore.   Furthermore, each one talks in his own particular style and idiom.  as a result, both give us valuable first hand accounts of a social and musical scene that has almost disappeared.  They celebrate and give witness to the unique “lived musical experience” within their community.

The book and the accompanying CD are based on recent home recording.  This is the tenth collection in Dreoilin Community Arts Series.


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