Carmel Gunning- Around St James Well


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Carmel Gunning – Around St. James Well


  • Cather Rua/ The Buck of Oranmore
  • Name Unknown/ The Lads of the Mountain/ Brides Favourite
  • Quinns, Devanney’s Goat/ The All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil in Sligo ( Own Composition)
  • Around St.James’ Well
  • The Curlieu Hills/ N.Mulligan & V.Harrison/ Arr. By N. Mulligan
  • Lament for Fred Finn(Own Composition)
  • Carmel Gunning’s ( Own Composition) Callaghan’s
  • There’s a path across the Ocean
  • Charlie Lennon’s/ Mason’s Apron
  • Finians Favourite (Own Composition) / Tatter Jack Walsh
  • Paddy O’ Brien’s / The Star of Munster
  • Roisin Dubh
  • Dunphy’s / The Fairy Hornpipe Arr. Neil Mulligan
  • THe Banks of the Roses
  • Miss Kenny’s Waltz / V. Harrison joined by N. Mulligan, Aursundyals, V: Harrison
  • Sally Gardens, Sligo Dandy, Name Unknown

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