Billy Clifford- Echoes Of Sliabh Luachra


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Billy Clifford- Echoes Of Sliabh Luachra


  • Denis Murphy’s No.3/The Gullane
  • The Blue Ribbon No.2/The Blue Ribbon No.1
  • Tom Billy Murphy’s/The Humours Of Killarney
  • Ewe/Farewell To Erin
  • The Smokey Chimney/Rose Of Drishane
  • Johnny The Tailor’s Fancy/Willie Reidy’s Favourite
  • Denis Murphy’s/O’Keefe’s Pitchfork/Tom O’Connor’s
  • Moll Morrissey’s/Roseanne/Dinie Dennehy’s
  • The Westwind
  • Peter Wyper’s/The Wonder
  • Farewell To My Troubles/The Humours Of Glin
  • Mrs. Edwards/David Power
  • Timmy Clifford’s/John Clifford’s
  • Mamma’s Pet/Johnnie When You Die/Anything For John Joe
  • Dear Irish Boy
  • Padraig O’Keefe’s/Jack Reidy’s
  • Cronin’s Rambles/Queen Of May
  • The Crooked Road/The Clare
  • Napoleon’s
  • Relics Of Old Decency/Stick The Minister/Follow Me Down To Carlow

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