S Walsh- A Picture From Lifes Other Side



Sean Walsh- A Picture From Lifes Other Side


  • Mammy Please Stay Home With Me
  • That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
  • Will The Circle be Unbroken
  • When God Dips His Love In my Heart
  • A Satisfied Mind
  • Wildwood Flower
  • Sonny’s Dream
  • I’ve Lived A Lot In My Mind
  • I Couldn’t Believe It Was True
  • The Little Whitewashed Chimney
  • A Picture From Life’s Other Side
  • Deep In The Heart Of Texas
  • Where Have All The Flowers Gone
  • The Wreck Of Number Nine
  • My Little Cabin On The Hill
  • This World Is Not My Home
  • The Oklahoma Hills

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Weight102 g
Dimensions150 × 10 × 130 mm


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