Joe & Joanie Madden- A Galway Afternoon



Joe & Joanie Madden- A Galway Afternoon


  • The Green Fields Of Woodford /The Hole In The Hedge /Seamus Cooley’s
  • The Cashmere Shawl /Johnny Doherty’s /Jack Coughlan’s
  • Sault’s Own /Wade Hampton
  • The Little Thatched Cabin /The Coal Miner /Ormond Sound
  • Kevin Keegan’s /The Cappataggle /Her Mantle So Green
  • The Boys Of The Lough /The Shepherd’s Daughter /Coleman’s Cross
  • Paddy Murphy’s Wife /The Caucus In Secaucus
  • The New Broom /The Ballinakill
  • Eileen Curran /The Old Thatched House
  • Pussy Got The Measles /Over The Bog Road /The Green Fields Of America
  • Sliabh Geal GCua
  • Hughie Travers /The Spike Island Lasses
  • The Cat In The Corner /Ned Coleman’s Mother /The Tenpenny Bit
  • Dinny O’Brien’s /Sean Sa Cheo

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Weight58 g
Dimensions150 × 10 × 130 mm