A Call From The Musical Heart Of Cavan



A Call From The Musical Heart Of Cavan


CD One

  • Jigs: Tell Her I am/ Nell Flaherty’s Drake & Saddle the Pony
  • Reels: The Devils of Dublin & The Bells of St. Lewis
  • Reels: Jenny Picking Cockles/ The Dublin Reel & Master Crowley’s 1&2
  • Singer : 1952
  • Hornpipes: The Liverpool & The Showman’s Fancy
  • Hornpipe & Reel: Chief O’Neill’s & Within a Mile of Dublin
  • Singer: The Home I left Behind
  • Reels: The Honeymoon & The Humours of Ballyconnell
  • Jogs: The Broken Lantern & The Goat in Green
  • Reels: Dowd’s no 9 & The Ewe Reel
  • Singer: Garrymore
  • Reel: Jackie Coleman’s
  • Jigs: The Queen of Mayo & The Swans Among the Rushes
  • Song Seven in a Row
  • Reels: The Flogging & Drag Her Round the Road
  • Jackie Coleman’s & The Coast of Austria
  • Reels: Lad O’Beirne’s & The Maids of Mountcisco
  • Reels: The Lad’s of Laois, James Byrne’s & The Clumsy Lover
  • Singers: Red Haired Mary
  • Jig: Fr. Kelly’s
  • Reels: Master McDermott’s & The Hunters House
  • Reel: The Holly Bush
  • Reel: The Maid Behind the Bar & The Silver Spear
  • Reel: Cooley’s & The Congress Reel
  • Jigs: The Ship in Full Sail & The Irish Washer Woman
  • Slide: Padraig O’Keeffe’s

CD Two

  • Reels: Catharsin/The Trupenny Bits
  • Singers: Bold Doherty
  • Reels: Stony Steps, Pig Town agus Ril gan Ainm
  • Jig: The Gold Ring
  • Reel: Mulhaire’s, The Green Fields of America & Sean sa Cheo
  • Singer: Lovely River Finn
  • Reel: Trip to Nenagh
  • Reel: Eileen Curran & Ril an Spideal
  • Song: Convent Way Up on the Hill
  • Reel: First Born Set & The Monaghan Twig
  • Recitation: Primrose Time in Cavan
  • Jig: Jack Coen’s Jig, The Coming of Spring & Sonny Brogan’s
  • Air: Cottage with Roses Round the Door
  • Jigs: The Hags Purse, The New York Jig & Port gan Ainm
  • Singer: The Fields are White with Daisies
  • Air: Sliabh Na Mban
  • Jig: Road to Sligo
  • Jig: The Knights of St. Patrick & The Boys of the Town
  • Skibbereen
  • Reel: Return to Camden Town
  • Air: Slan Le Maigh
  • Singer: Raglan Road
  • Reel: Molloy’s & Dywer’s
  • Song: The Green Glens of Antrim
  • Reel: The Road to Ballymac

CD Three

  • Reel: Open Reel
  • Air for Paddy McEntree
  • Jig: The Donnybrook Jig
  • Reel: The Bird in the Bush & Miss McCloud’s
  • Reels: Miss McCloud’s The Maid Behind the Bar, Sean Ryan’s Hornpipes & The Skylark Reel
  • Hornpipes: Begley’s & The Stack of Barley
  • Lilter: Hornpipes, The Lone Bush & The Wicklow Hornpipe
  • Singer: Shores of Lough Bran
  • Jig: The Crubany Jig & The Steeplechase Reel
  • Singer – Amhran Gaeilge: Mo Bhuachaillin Donn
  • Reel: Sheehan’s
  • Singer: Lough Sheelin Sligo
  • Singer: Willie Rambler
  • Jigs: Port gan Ainm & John Brady
  • Singer: Cutting Turf in Another Man’s Bog
  • Jigs: The Humours of Drimnigh & Out on the Ocean
  • Recitation: The Night the Telly Blinked
  • Jigs: Scatter the Mud, Angela Murphy & Bernie Cunnion’s Favourite
  • Reel: Rattigan’s & Imeda Roland’s
  • Singer: The Hackler from Grousehall
  • Singer: Peggy Gordon
  • Singer: Jackson’s Mare
  • Reel: Kiss the Made Behind the Bar & Sporting Paddy
  • Jig: The Golden Jubilee & My Darling Asleep
  • Jig: The Cat’s Meow
  • Reel: Miss Monaghan
  • Hornpipes: Dearbhla Finnegan’s

CD Four

  • Polka’s My Love is but a Lassie, The Dark Haired Girl Dressed in Blue, Up and Away & The Merry Girl
  • Set Dance: Job of Journey Work
  • Singer: The Water is Wide
  • March: Cricket’s March & The Tamlin Reel, Banshee Music
  • Singer: The Polo Ground
  • Air: An Bean Dubh An Ghleanna
  • Singer: Lovely Sweet Drumgoon
  • Reel: The Tamlin Reel, The Concertina Reel & The Mason’s Apron
  • Air: Se Fath Mo Bhuartha & Cherish the Ladies
  • Song: Neasai A Stor
  • Reel: Dowd’s No 9 & The Boys of Ballisodare
  • Jig: Port gan Ainm & The Trip to Athlone
  • Singer: Whiskey in Me Tay
  • Reel: The Swallows Tail & The Humours of Tulla
  • Singer: The Rocks of Bawn
  • Jig: Crehan’s & Fr. Hanley’s
  • Air: Young Francie Maguire & The Humours of Innisbeg
  • Reel: Mulvihills& Lucy Cambell
  • Interview Recording
  • Air: Roisin Dubh & The High Reel
  • Waltz: Heaven’s Gate Waltz
  • Jig: Jerry Beaver’s Hat
  • Music: Cathal’s Favourite
  • Reel: Mulhaires

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