50 Solos For Irish Tenor Banjo – No Cd


A unique collection of jigs, reels and hornpipes arranged for C G D A and G D A E tuning


Selected, arranged and played by Gerry O’Connor & David McNevin.

A unique collection of jigs, reels and hornpipes arranged for CGDA and GDAE tuning with music notation and tab.

Gerry O’Connor and David McNevin are two of the finest tenor banjo players in Irish traditional music, and 50 Solos for Irish Tenor Banjo is the most comprehensive collection of Irish banjo tunes currently available. Gerry O’Connor’s 25 selections (arranged for C G D A tuning) reflect a style that has earned him a reputation as the most creative exponent of the instrument in Irish music. David McNevin, himself the recipient of major awards for his banjo playing, has selected 25 tunes and arranged them for G D A E or traditional tuning; the tablature for these solos may also be used for the mandolin.

Tunes include:

An tAthair Jack Walsh
Bag of Spuds, The
Bill Harte’s Jig
Boys of Blue Hill, The
Collins’ Reel
Contradiction Reel, The
Crehan’s Reel
Eddie Kelly’s Reel
Entertainer, The
Fearghaill O’Gara
Finbar Dwyer’s Reel
Flogging Reel, The II
Flowers of Red Hill, The
Galway Hornpipe The
Geese in the Bog, The
Glenbeigh Hornpipe
Groves, The
Harding’s Jig
Hornpipe in G
Independent Hornpipe, The
Josie McDermott’s Reel
Kelly’s Reel
King of the Pipers
King’s Fancy Jig
Kitty’s Wedding
Lark in the Morning, The
McDonagh’s Reel
McGann’s Reel
McIntyre’s Hornpipe
McKenna’s Hornpipe
Mist Covered Mountain, The
Moloney’s Reel
Moving Cloud, The
O’Dowd’s Reel
Páidin O’Rafferty’s Jig
Pay the Reckoning
Peacock’s Feather, The
Peter’s Street
Richard Dwyer’s Reel
Roche’s Reel
Sally Gardens, The
Silver Vale, The
Sonny Brogan’s Jig
Star of Munster, The
Strand Jig, The
Swedish Jig, The
Three Sea Captains, The
Tipperary Hornpipe, The
Tom Ginley’s Favourite

Tom Ward’s Downfall.


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