Various Artists - The Mountain Road - CD

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The Mountain Road - CD

Various Artists

A compilation of tunes popular in South Sligo.
This is the fourth recording under the Coleman Heritage label. It is intended as a companion volume to the written compilation. Here a number of artists from the locality play their individual versions of tunes selected from the book

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The mountain Road Book is also available in our gift shop. It contains the sheet music for all the tunes featured on this Cd.  
Track Listings   
>1. Kiss the Maid behind the BarrelReelGregory Daly (flute) Ted McGowan (bodhrŠn)
2. The Besom in Bloom JigColm O'Donnell (flute) Seamus Quinn (piano)
3. The Moving Bogs of Powelsboro/Michael Reilly'sReelPhilip Duffy (fiddle) Kevin Brehony (piano)
4. The Boys of the Lough/ The Devils of DublinReelPeter Horan (flute)
5. The Wily Old Bachelor/Spellans FiddleHornpipesP.J. Hernon (accordion) Domhnaill Hernon (fiddle) Maria Lynn McHugh (piano)
6. Down the Broom/The Gatehouse MaidReelSeamus Quinn (fiddle) James McDonagh (flute)
7. The Devils of Dublin ReelJames McDonagh (flute) & Seamus Quinn (piano)
8. Scotchman over the Border / The Tenpenny BitJigsJim Murphy (fiddle) James Murray (flute) Kevin Brehony (piano)
9. George White's/The Carracastle LassReelsPaddy Ryan (fiddle) Jim Corry (piano)
10. Johnny Henry's / Drowsy MaggieReelsSeamus O'Donnell (flute)
11. Master McDermott's /The Tailor's FancyReelsDeirdre Collis (tin whistle) Maria Lynn McHugh (piano)
12. The Cuigiu LassiesJigsJoe Beirne (flute)
13. Liffey Banks/ShaskeenReelsHarry McGowan (flute) Mick Loftus (flute)
14. Kevin McHugh's No 1 & No 2Slip jigsKevin McHugh (fiddle) John McHugh (fiddle)
15. Fred Finn's / The Master's ReturnReelsJimmy Murphy (fiddle) James Murray (flute) Kevin Brehony (piano)
16. Jim Donoghue'sReelsJames McDonagh (flute) Seamus Quinn (piano)
17. James Murray'sJigsJames Murray (flute)
18. Sunny Banks / Mama's PetReelsHarry McGowan (flute) Mick Loftus (flute) Jim Corry (piano)
19. Martin Wynne's No 1 & No 2 ReelsPhilip Duffy & Kevin Brehony (piano)
20. Jim Donoghue's / Michael Preston's / The Laurel TreeReelsMichael Hurley (flute) Mairead Hurley (flute) Jim Corry (piano)
21. Boys of Ballisodare / The Five Mile ChaseReelsSeamus Quinn (fiddle) James McDonagh (flute)
22. Brendan Tonra's / The Killavil JigJigsPaddy Ryan (fiddle) Jim Corry (piano)
23. Colonel Roger's Favourite / The Happy Days of YouthReelsGregory Daly (flute) Ted McGowan (bodhrŠn)
24. Hayes Favourite / The Chaffpool PostBarndancesP.J. Hernon (accordion) Maria Lynn McHugh (piano)
25. Tripping on the Mountain / The Lakes of SligoPolkasSeamus Quinn (fiddle) James McDonagh (flute)
26. The Tailor's Thimble / The Red Haired LassReelsPaddy Ryan (Fiddle) Jim Corry (piano)
27. The Mountain Road / The DoonReelsJimmy Murphy (fiddle) James Murray (flute) Kevin Brehony (piano)
28. Fred Finn's Drowsy MaggieReelsSeamus Quinn (fiddle James McDonagh (flute)
29. Willie Coleman's / Out on the OceanJigsHarry McGowan (flute) Mick Loftus (flute)
30. The Flowers of Red Hill / The New SteamboatReelsGregory Daly (flute) Ted McGowan (bodhrŠn)