Michael Coleman 1891-1845

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Michael Coleman 1891-1845

This package presents 48 of Coleman's 78rpm discs, remastered on 2 cds and totalling two and a half hours of his music, together with a book providing a detailed account of his life and musc, along with a discography of all his commercial recordings.


CD 1

1.  Lord MacDonald / Ballinasloe Fair

2.  Cherish The Ladies

3.  The Boys Of The Lough / The Merry Blacksmith (aka Devils in Dublin)

4.  The Liverpool / Pretty Maggie Morrissey

5.  The Shaskeen / Bag of Spuds

6.  Jackson's Jigs (TheTempest and The Tar Road to Sligo)

7.  Farrell O'Gara's /Good Morning To Your Nightcap

8.  James Gannon's / The Belle of the Ball

9.  The Crooked Road To Dublin / The Sligo Maid

10.             Lord Gordon's

11.             Kitty's Rambles /The Frost Is All Over

12.             Reidy Johnson's (Tom Steele aka Hand Me down the Tackle / Lawson's Favourite

13.             The Job Of Journeywork

14.             Rakish Paddy / Miss Roddy's (aka The Boys of Ballysodare)

15.             Tobin's Fancy (Tobin's Jig / The Tar Road to Sligo)

16.             Crowley's Reel #1 / Crowley's reel# 2

17.             Up and Away / Casey's

18.             The Kerryman's Daughter / The Bird in the Tree

19.             Up Sligo (The Unfortunately Rake aka The Basket of Turf / The Geese in the Bog (in G)

20.             Lucy Campbell

21.             McDermott's

22.             Dr. Gilbert's / The Queen Of The May

23.             The Humours of Ennistymon / Cherish the Ladies (in G)

24.             The Green Fields of America / The Swallow's Tail

CD 2

1.  The Old Grey Goose

2.  The Morning Dew / The Woman of the House

3.  Murray's Fancy (The Cuckoo Hornpipe)

4.  The Foxhunter / Comb Your Hair and Curl It (slip jigs)

5.  The Duke Of Leinster / The Ladies' Pantalettes

6.  Larry O'Gaff / Richard Brennan's Favourite

7.  The Real Blackthorn Stick / The Green Groves of Erin

8.  Murphy's Hornpipe

9.  Jackson's Morning Brush / The Rambling Pitchfork aka The Fisherman's Widow

10.             The Tarbolton / The Longford Collector / The Sailor's Bonnet

11.             The Sailor On The Rock / The Bunch of Keys aka Paddy on the Turnpike

12.             The Monaghan Jig

13.             The Pigeon On The Gate / Miss Monaghan

14.             Apples In Winter (The Templehouse Jig / Apples In Winter)

15.             Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens aka Sleepy Maggie)

16.             The Frieze Britches

17.             The Stage / The Western aka The Tara Brooch

18.             Paddy Ryan's Dream aka Miss Lyalls Reel / Mamma's Pet

19.             Tell Her I Am / Doherty's aka Up Sligo

20.             The Kerry Reel aka The Green Fields of Rossbeigh / The Boyne Hunt

21.             Tommy Hill's Favourite (Byrnes Hornpipe, Tommy Hill's Favourite)

22.             Killarney Wonder

23.             Farewell To Ireland / Farewell to Erin

24.             Mrs. Kenny's Barndance (aka Woodland Flowers by Felix Burns)