1st Jan - 20th Dec 2018 - Traditional Music Exhibition

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Traditional Music Exhibition

1st Jan - 20th Dec 2018

Audio Visual and exhibition of the history of traditional Irish Music

€5.00  €4.00

Enjoy the 15 minute audio-visual on the history of traditional music. In the beautifully laid out exhibition area, there are no less than 10 touch screens. Three of these are devoted to the music and musical styles of Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Fermanagh and the U.S.A. Two of the touch screens provide a comprehensive display of photographs, spanning a period of half a century where important music events, musicians and personalities are captured for posterity. Music structure and styles are comprehensively covered in further touch screens and there is also one dealing with archival material. The final touch screen deals with dancing and dancing instruction. It is located in a small area with a floor suitable for trying out your expertise in all the various styles and tempos, including sean nós. The Visitor Centre also houses a 130 seat theatre, music archive, and a Music/Gift shop stocking a large selection of traditional music CDs, music Books, musical instruments, etc - well worth a visit!

Special offer - Adults €4  Family €8 

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