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Seamus Walshe - Turas

Walshe, Seamus

Accordion music

Writing about Seamus Walshe, Mid West Radio’s Seamus Duffy described him as having “a distinctive style of his own” where his “musical logic is evident in his mastery of the instrument”. “It is obvious from his playing that he has studied the fiddle greats, and has mastered the art of playing fiddle type music on the box,” Duffy continued. “Indeed in this recording, many pieces more suited to the fiddle have been performed with great effect to suit the box. What makes Seamus Walshe’s music stand out from the others, is the natural feel, sweetness of tone and expression he achieves, especially in hornpipes.” 
Track Listings   
Dr. Gilbert. Skipping Lambs, Dash to PortabellaReelsSeamus Walshe, Eimear Reilly, Alex Finn
Mary Shore, Only for Barney, The Swallows NestJigsSeamus Walshe, Eimear Reilly, Grainne Hambly
Turas Sheamuis, Tommy McGuiresHornpipesSeamus Walshe, Charlie Lennon
The Long Drop, Fred Finn's, the Torn JacketReelsSeamus Walshe, Eimear Reilly, Steve Cooney
The Wishing Well, Grainne's Jig, Jocelyn's TreeJigsSeamus Walshe, James Donohue
Minnie Foster, The Second StarHornpipesSeamus Walshe, Kevin Brehony
Jane HoranSongP.J. Murrihy, Seamus Walshe
The Thirteen Arches, The Bridge at NewtownReelsSeamus Walshe, Eimear Reilly, Alex Finn
Chornphiopa Sheamus Uí Dhubhthaigh & The Bantry HornpipeHornpipesSeamus Walshe
Farewell to Miltown, Pigtown, Concert ReelReelsSeamus Walshe, Noel Hill, Ryan Molloy
Margaret's Waltz, Louis WaltzWaltzesSeamus Walshe, Anna Faulkner, Grainne Hambly
The Salthill Hornpipe and Seamus Walshe's HorpipeHornpipesSeamus Walshe, Ryan Molloy
Dr. O'Neill'sJigSeamus Walshe, Grainne Hambly
Eddie Kelly's ReelsReelsSeamus Walshe, James Donogue
The Centenary, Mount Cashal Brigade, Caesor's MarchMarchesSeamus Walshe, Anna Faulkner, Kevin Brehony
Poppy Leaf, Rossinver BraesHornpipesSeamus Walshe, Grainne Hambly
Bella's Table, Dochas, The Friendly RobinJigsSeamus Walshe, Steve Cooney
Moving Cloud, CharlestownReelsSeamus Walshe, Steve Cooney
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