Coleman, Michael - The Enduring Magic

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The Enduring Magic

Coleman, Michael

This CD was produced by the Coleman Heritage Centre in May, 2004. The 20 remastered tracks of Michael Coleman's music are taken from a number of sources. The majority come from two vinyl LPs issued by Shanachie Records entitled The Legacy of Michael Coleman (1976) and The Classic Recordings of Michael Coleman (1979)

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Track Listings   
>1. The Liffey Banks/The Shaskeen Reels 
2. Tom Ward's DownfallReel 
3. Dougherty's Jigs 
4. Lord GordonReel 
5. Stack of Barley medley Hornpipes 
6. The Wind that Shakes the Barley/ The Lady on the IslandReels 
7. Lord McDonaldReel 
8. The Derry HornpipeHornpipe 
9. Wellington's Reels Reels 
10. The Foxhunter'sSlip jig 
11. The Morning Dew/The Woman of the HouseReels 
12. Trim the VelvetReel 
13. Mrs Kenny's Waltz/men of the West Waltz 
14. The Green Fields of America/The Swallow's TailReels 
15. Tobin'sJigs 
16. The Blackbird/Molloy's FavouriteSet dance & reel 
17. Bonnie Kate/Jennie's ChickensReels 
18. Dr. Gilbert/The Queen of MayReels 
19. The Kerry Reel/The Boyne HuntReels 
20. Mrs. Kenny's BarndanceBarndance 
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