The Mountain Road - CD and BOOK bundle

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The Mountain Road - CD and BOOK bundle

A compilation of tunes popular in South Sligo. First publised by the Coleman Heritage Centre in 1998, this book is intended to be a help to people learning to play Irish traditional dance music. An accompanying CD is included with a selection of these tunes.

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The music in the book is presented in staff notation, and the letters which appear underneath are the alphabetical equivalent of the staff notes. This system is widely used in traditional music circles and will give a second option to those wishing to learn the music of the region.

The accompanying CD has a version of the tune played by some of the most talented musicians in the Coleman Country Area. This CD and BOOK bundle makes a great present for anyone who is learning traditional Music.

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Index Apples in Winter
Besom in Bloom, The
Boys of Ballisodare, The
Boys of the Lough, The
Carracastle Lass
Chaffpool Post, The
Clancy's Dream
Colonel Rogers
Cuigiu Lassies
Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
Devins of Dublin, The
Down the Broom
Drowsy Maggie
Five Mile Chase, The
Flowers of Red Hill
Flowers of Spring
Fred Finn's
Gatehouse Maid
George White's
Gold Ring
Happy Days of Youth
Hayes Favourite
Hut in the bog
James Murray's
Jim Donoghue's
Johnny Henry's
Kevin McHugh's Jigs
Killaville Jig
Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel
Lakes of Sligo
Laurel Tree, The
Liffey Banks
Mamma's Pet
Martin Wynne's
Master McDermot's
McGovern's Favourite
Michael Preston's
Michael Reilly's
Mountain Road
Moving Bogs of Powelsboro
My Love is but a Lassie
New Steamboat
Out on the Ocean
Paddy Jim Frank's
Red Haired Lass
Scotsman Over the Border
Spellan's Fiddle
Sunny Banks, The
Tailor's Fancy, The
Tailor's Thimble
Tenpenny Bit, The
Tom McGowan's
Tom Ward's Downfall
Tripping on the Mountain
Wiley Old Bachelor