Hernon, Mai - Mai Féin

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Mai Féin

Hernon, Mai

The traditional singing of Mai Hernon is so true and clear that it could be described as 'distilled' In his sleeve notes, the highly acclaimed actor, Mick Lally says "It is only relatively recent since I became aware of the singing of Mai Hernon, but then I suppose it is only relatively recent since she decided to give us access to her dulcet singing. It is to be warmly welcomed that Mai has decided to record her songs, and a fine range of songs she has. Her singing is always enjoyable and exceedingly pleasant on the ear. By and large it's a fairly simple style that's not overly ornate, and more importantly, perhaps, she never loses sight of the nattative of the song"

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The words of all the songs are on the inlay card. 
Track Listings   
As I Roved Out
May Morning Dew
Shores of My Own Native Land
Una Bhán
The Wee Weaver
Shores of Lough Bran
Siúil a Rúin
I Know My Love
Brae's of Balquitter
Two Loves
The Auld Grey Man
Berdant Brae's of Screen
Parting Glass