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BodhrŠn Bones & Spoons

Learn from Tommy Hayes with this great DVD tutor.
Includes all of the major techniques for bodhrŠn, bones and spoons as well as some amazing and unusual techniques demonstrated for the first time. A must for every bodhrŠn player....more details.


BodhrŠn for absolute beginners by Conor Long

From holding the instrument and beater to reels and jigs, triplets, dampening rimshots and more, Conor Long shows you everything step-by-step in this DVD tutor for the complete beginner...more details.


Irish Button Accordion Techniques

Learn essential techniques for the two-row B and C accordion (also C# and D tuning). Includes three-finger triplets, five-note rolls, cuts, rhythms, off beats, syncopation, vibrato, scales, exercises and more...more details.


Irish Tenor Banjo

From your first notes to your first solo, Irish tenor banjo legend, Gerry O'Connor, shows you everything, step-by-step and note-for-note in this DVD tutor for the complete beginner ...more details.


Learn to play the Irish Mandolin by Anthony Warde

Learn step-by-step how to play Irish music on the mandolin with this great DVD tutor...more details.


Learn to play the Tin Whistle - Vinnie Kilduff

One of Ireland's Greatest tin whistle players, Vinnie Kilduff shows you everything from beginners basisc to advanced techniques in this superb DVD tutor...more details.


Peter Horan - Still Beating Time

A Profile of Peter Horan with the Music and Musicians of South Sligo...more details.



The Irish struggle for independence (1919 - 1922) as seen by newsfilm camera of the time...more details.

€25.00  €21.25

The Irish Fiddle for absolute beginners

Paul McNevin, master teacher and musician takes you step-by-step from holding the fiddle and bow to playing your first tunes in this DVD tutor for the complete beginner....more details.


A Journey Home

Fleming, Tommy

Recorded live at Ireland's National Events Centre, Killarney, this DVD gives 22 songs by Tommy Fleming - a man who has become a legend in his short lifetime so far. The presentation has passion, pathos and patriotism from an artist who is a true performer! Includes Carrickfergus, Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears, All I Want Is You & The Voyage...more details.

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