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The Coleman Heritage Centre is a community-based music and cultural centre. In the heartland of Sligo's musical tradition, its aims are to promote and foster this rich musical heritage in the broadest possible terms, both at national and international level. A primary function of the Centre is to facilitate the teaching of the famous 'Sligo Style' of traditional music, as well as hosting performances of the leading exponents of traditional music in a purpose built theatre with the most modern sound technology available. The board has chosen the name 'Clann Coleman', meaning Coleman family for their supporters, world-wide, who wish to be associated with this work. For a small annual membership fee, you can avail of generous discounts in our Music/Gift Shop, on admission to theatre shows and on music tuition weekends. Members will receive a newsletter and a membership card. We will also be affording members the opportunity to make suggestions on future developments and activities at the Centre.

Benefits to Clann Coleman members

  • 20% discount on admission to theatre shows, music tuition weekends.
  • 10% discount on all shop sales
  • 10% discount for corporate members for meetings and conferences
  • Newsletter
  • Personalised membership card


  • Individual (annual) €25.00
  • Family (annual) €40.00
  • Corporate (annual) €100.00
  • Life €1,000.00

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